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    Do we really need King?

    Let put it this way.
    The guy has hardly touched the football for spurs in close to one year!
    Then again this persistant knee injury is too worrysome to warrant such dependance on him.

    Don't get me wrong he is (was) a good player, but I think his useful years were spent nursing injury after injury.
    He will not be as good again, and besides his value has dropped considerably.

    Let's forget the sentiments, and concentrate on getting a quality replacement for King.
    When he recovers, he can then be played lightly - as a cover until his contract runs out. Period!

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    • Yes we do really need King, There are no players in the Prem as good as Ledley defensively, Kaboul looks good and to be honest Gardner and Rocha are not that bad to step in.

      We should let him recover in his own time while we have cover and hope he comes back as good as new.

    • And if he comes back as good as new after this latest operation? The guy still managed 25 odd games last term - pretty much half. It's barely anderton or iversen stuff!

    • I'll be nice...Theo, are you really asking a question, or are you maiking a statement. Yes we've got Kaboul and Rocha to give us depth in the central defense, but I wouldn't put the sicknote tag on Ledders just yet.

      I think Ledley's warrior mentatlity is what's undone him of late. Knowing when to sit it out and heal versus jumping back inot the fray at the first sign of feeling good is a recipe for disaster, but Captain King wants to contribute at all times. I think Jol will be well served to give him a few extra run-outs with the reserves when he's back on his feet. If you think Ledders is a done player...just remember that recovery tackle he made against Chelsea on Robben? (true, it was before his latest string of injuries, but I think if he turns out for the Lillywhites he will do so knowing that he can make that kind of a play.

      Don't write Ledley King off just yet. The good thing is, we should be in good hands while he heals properly.

    • I understand where you're coming from and also think we need to look at solid replacements but not for the same reasons.

      Like all Spurs fans (I hope) I have a solid respect for King and am always sad when his name doesn't appear on the team sheet. My fear is not that he isn't or won't be as good in the future but that the persistent injuries of the last 18 months could prove to be career threatening or at the very least something which will dog him until the day he retires.

      It's from this respect that we need to look at alternative options - options which hopefully we have with the likes of Kaboul. I certainly wouldn't put Ledley out to pasture when his contract ends but the opposite in fact. I'd be happy if Spurs offered him a new contract even knowing that he may only play 25% of the season on the basis that he is of great benefit to the club off the field as well and could do just as good a job for us in the background.

    • We have a quality replacement in Kaboul, who is willing to bring the ball out and partner with Dawson, who likes to stay deep. We look like we are going to get Curtis Davies as well.

      That being said, giving up on King is not remotely wise. He is one of the best defenders in the game and while he has been injured as of late, when he is out there, we are a better team.

    • you talk bollocks mate