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  • Kurt. I totally agree with you.
    Just a little addition, and one I've been hammering on since begining of last season.

    Martin Jol lacks tactical depth. He has limitations which is quite obvious, and which most experienced or good coaches are aware of in the EPL.

    Even if we had Ronaldo, Messi and all the best players in our team on Saturday, I doubt the result will be different.
    However, if that team was coached by say Jose M, there's no way we couldn't have won the match impressively.
    After the 1st half, a tactical coach would've read Sunderland's game plan / players' moods, and changed style for the 2nd half.

    Sunderland is a new team in the premiership, and came into the match expecting a draw with luck on thier side.
    After watching a bismal performance of Spurs in the 1st half, thier confidence soared and they came in attacking from the begining of the 2nd half.
    Thier initial fears were gone, they now believe they can win the match.

    A change of style will certainly suprise them in the 2nd half, and that would've been enough to lower morals within the team, giving Spurs the chance to pounce.

    This situation will keep happening through the rest of the season, unless something is done to add bite to our coaching crew.
    Yes Jol is a good coach, BUT there's room for improvement in the technical side - perhaps a 2nd coach with much better depth.

    Sentiments are for the non-serious team. We have a squad other teams in the EPL will die for.
    Why are we still struggling to beat a team that otherwise wouldn't even out perform our reserve team?