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    Just got some inside info from contacts and spurs board have decided to go with new manager this season, seems they have seen through jol and his tactical naivety ramos from seville is favourite to take over after spanish super cup,others also in the frame including klinnsman and lippi so looks like change is in the air as much as we all love jol he is getting the boot big time.

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    • Just got it from a good mate who works for our ex-Chairman (you all know who I mean) that word in the building is that Jol is out and probably won't even last until the week-end.

    • watcha chaps/chapesses

      no smoke without fire although John Alexander(our club sec) is friends with Ramos and they were just catching up/great mates having a beer. hmm not sure about that

      But its now documented that the next six games will decide his future so plans are under way for a replacement

      Doesnt it sound crazy that we above man utd yet jol is for the sack. Imagine saying that befoe the season srated. nuts i'd say

      Jol should be given a chance but like everything in football ruhtless and no second chances

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      • Have to agree Alfie.....I've always been a Jol supporter...he's done more for us in 3 seasons than any of us could of hoped for (looking at our previous managers lame attempts). However to break into the top 4 you've got to show real nous and promise and there is just too much doubt surrounding Jols ability. Id be happy if he stayed and we worked our way up in the right way with a few cups and top 6 finishes but in this day and age people just aint patient anymore.
        Wouldnt be surprised if they squeeze him out at all but Id prefer if he stayed and proved the doubters wrong.

    • HA HA HA HA>>>!!!!!!!!!!

      Inside info my arse, if you had ANY kind of inside info you would know that the board are bending over backwards to keep hold of Jol after the rubbish story came out. Trust me there is NO truth whatsoever in it.

    • This is insane, the first time in years we get a decent manager and the rumours start flying that he is being replaced.

      If there is any truth in this and MJ is going to be replaced what the hell is the Board and levy doing allowing MJ to spend 40 million, for only a new manager to come in and clean house.

      For one I hope MJ is not stabbed in the back. When was the last time Spurs had two top 5 finishes. Even if we do not finish in the top 4 but progress further in Europe and other cups I think it will still be a good season for us.

      I say let MJ get on with his job and stop all this crap talk of getting a new manager.


    • yeh...the papers have got hold of this story as well.....ramos has denied it...of course!.....i think jol had upset levy,,,,so there be more than a grain of truth in this rumour...........only time will tell
      man u game could be the catalyst.