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  • Jlock Jlock Aug 22, 2007 02:43 Flag

    What going on

    I'm with you, but don't you think that football isn't all that matters to the boye who sit in corporate boxes and worry more about the quality of the wine and the food than they do of the team?
    It is a business. If the Spurs board think they can make more money (or maybe more to the point, not make a loss) - from whatever means (could be getting into CL, spending less and achieving slightly more) then that's what they will do. Fottball is no longer the team sheet, its the balance sheet - and taking that step from a mid table team doing averagely well, to a top 4 team doing consistently well takes a board that wants to go there.
    Interestingly on the (Jimmy Hill) Sunday Supplement, they implied that Tottenham have recently appeard to be scared of making that transition. This may just be a reflection of that.

    I think that Leeds had a profound effect on the whole football management ethos. More than any other factor in the past 20 years (apart from stock market flotations). Boards run scared of over stretching - so maybe Jol could also be seen to be a threat from that point of view - a victim of his own success. You get the feeling that the board may be happier with someone who won the odd cup, got sixth spot on odd occasions and didn't force them to face up to the prospect of risking the business into a foray into the top 4.
    Look at Liverpool, they only seem now to be trying to re-gain past glories - based on big investment. Utd the same, ditto the rest.
    Its a scary world out there for a football club director.