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  • STEPHEN STEPHEN Aug 21, 2007 21:39 Flag

    email spurs

    Not that it will do any good whatsoever, but if your f*cked off like me about the likely departure of Jol, email the tossers and let them know.

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    • thanks for the email addy ive just gave them a peice of my mind. i hope they will see that us fans should have a say. and that martin jol is the fans choice.

    • Thanks Stevie I've just dropped them a mail, letting them know how right they are I have also sent a short list of exciting candidates to them I hope they listen to us. I have Bruce Rioch and Stewart Houston as top and then maybe David O'leary it seems if your going to throw money at rubbish you might as well get the expert!!!

    • Maybe the board forgot this:

      2005-06 Season accomplishments
      » Highest ever finish in a Premiership season and highest in 16 years.
      » First European qualification via the league in 23 years.
      » Best home league record for a season in 15 years and 16th best of all time. (65% wins)

      2006-07 Season accomplishments
      » First league victory over Chelsea in 16 years.
      » Won the most consecutive home games (league) in over 13 years. (7)
      » Won the most consecutive home games (all competitions) in over 25 years. (12)
      » First domestic cup semi-final for 5 years and first European cup quarter-final for 15 years.
      » Best home league record for a season in 16 years and 14th best of all time. (68% wins)
      » Club and British record amount of consecutive wins in Europe. (8)
      » Second successive European qualificiation via the league for the first time in over 20 years.

      From the Tottenham wikipedia....

      OK, so its not the record of a Liverpool,Utd, Chelsea,Arsenal - but surely it shows we are moving in the right direction.

      Football is fickle and Levy would be ficker if Jol is dumped (especially if the rumours were also true that Ajax were after him and he stayed with us)....

    • Email sent! Wish i could meet the F****ers down a dark alley with JOL by my side. He he