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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Aug 28, 2007 19:58 Flag

    Transfer window...3 days left

    I doubt that the gooner will get much thrift from that comment...I don't think anyone in their right mind, non-Spurs fan or not, rate Darren Bent at the amount we paid for him. He's a good player to be sure, and he has bags of potential, but...

    So why are British players coming in at such a overly inflated price? Answer me that gooner.

    Other things...I've been a stalwart supporter of Jermain Defoe, but I think Spurs are going to have to sell him. If what Villa are offering is true, how can you not sell him...and then get some one in to shore up the defense (crap...why am i even talking to a gooner!)

    • Can't see the logic in the inflated prices of british players - sure it's good for the fans to have british players, but I mean if they are not from your own rangs whats the point. I wouldn't be more proud or feel more "british" if we sign Hargreaves for an overpriced 18 mill than buying a Fabregas ect. As long as you get value for your money it's fine by me.

      Admitted I would love to see more british players at AFC, but not for any price. Look at the asking price for Curtis Davies, if he hadn't been english, he wouldn't even have been linked to our clubs...