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  • another defeat by arsenal (not beaten them for 8 years now). a poor start to the league.surely its time jol was sacked.he done well for us but he clearly cant take us any higher.he would improve most teams and get them in the top 6.but hes not got the tactical brain to break in top the top 4 or even win a trophy.the 2 most improtant things are top 4 and winning a trophy for spurs. but jol fails big time on those fronts.
    in the cups he cant get us past the semis.soon as we draw a top 4 team we are out! 1 top 4 win to his name and we had a lot of help for from the ref(droga disallowed goal which would have made it 2-0,the sending off,also robben hit the post).
    1 win and that was against derby who everyone will beat at home anyway!
    he has done great for us getting us 5th twice in a row.but we have no chance of doing it this season.he would do well to recover and get us in top 7 for uefa cup.he cant take us any further.thanks jol but time for a change.
    he also has spent so much money.£16mil on bent,what was he thinking!! good player but will hardly ever play and stil not worth that amount.
    i see why a lot of fans want to give him til end of season to reward him for the great job hes done pre this season.
    if thats what u really want then ok,give him to end of season and when he fails which he will do,then sack him and say we gave u the whole season and u took us backwards.
    i think we should sack him and write off this season.give the new manager the rest of the season to prepare for next season.we can still really give all 3cups a really big go and make that our new target for this season.
    i feel we are just giving jol to the end of season just so we can say we gave u to the end of the season and u failed.
    i dont think it makes sense personally but thats what majority of fans want so lets just wait til end of season and we can say are u happy now!
    i do think he has been unlucky with injuries,ref decisions, woodword,deflections etc but i think we have always been an unlucky team.

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    • unluckspurs - first of all overall thought your post made alot of sense - very similar sentiments to two fans I spoke to briefly today at morning footy- both at game yesterday and one made point that your record against top 4 teams is bad beyond belief and cannot fail to be improved if a proven big name comes in.

      HOWEVER, "unlucky team"? do you really believe that? cos very depressing if you think it's the way of your club. Granted your injuries have been horrific, but so have ours at w ham.

      Just reminds me of what i have said so many times that w ham or spurs could have everything in place equal to the likes of arse' scousers and mancs but still manage to fcuk up.

      Maybe you are right but we/you've gotta believe otherwise -surely?

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      • i dont belive luck decides fate.but i do belive luck can play a part in u winning or losing.
        a lot of stupid fans say it evens itself up over a season.
        i heard trever francis commentating and he said,people say luck evens itself out over a season,TOTAL RUBBISH!.
        and from the moment i started to take notice of him.first time iv heard a commantator or pundit say that.
        take a look at all 20 premiership teams,for every team to get exactly the same amount of luck would be more then 1 in a billion!its basically impossible.
        and since iv started supporting spurs i do feel we get more unlucky instances then lucky instances.
        im first to admit when spurs or england have a bit of luck.
        like russia disallowed goal,which could have changed the game.
        usually the bigger your team the more luck u get because things like ref decisions are influenced by how big your team are. refs dont purposley give more wrong decisions in favour of big teams but its been proven that its human nature to see and give decisions that way.im not blaming refs.

        i was just watchin england cricket and kevein peitersen was wrongly run out and that could have changed the game because he could have gone on to win england the game.
        thats the bit of luck south africa got and u need to win major tournemounts if they are close.

        i believe that u can watch back over any champion team and if its a close tournemonrt/league then u will find examples of luck that went in there favour.

        luck isnt a major contributor to spurs poor start but it stil does have a part to play.

        if u dont belive in luck then fair enough im not trying to sway u.
        but i dont no how else u can explain deflections,injuries,wong ref decisions,woodwork etc.

    • I have been on the fence with jol for a while but i think its time for levy to say thanks for 2 good years but its time to clear out your desk.

      16 mil on a striker we didnt need when that money could of got us a good left sided midfielder which we really needed
      he is never going to be a master tactician and with rumours of dressing room bust up's between players just show's the disharmony in the squad.

      after we waited best part of season for a new manger being told the board wanted to make sure they appointed the right man to take the side forward we are still in the same position now as we were then we need to finally get the right man in and stop buying players that the top four teams have looked at and said no thanks (ie) Kaboul who was watched by wenger for a while who then decided he was a good player but sufferd from lapses in concentration which atleast two games this season i have seen exactly that from him.

      I really fear losing the likes of lennon and bebatov next season unless we sort it out fast

    • 25 mill spend and nothing to show for it.... hahahaha

      Even if you got Mourinho you couldn't beat us with your team of mediocre english players... time for you to realise that.