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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 18, 2007 23:20 Flag

    Theodore you've gone quiet

    No Apology then???? Too much time predicting and not enough time making sure facts are correct! Let that be a lesson to you old boy!!!

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    • Rambro a diamond in the rough it would seem!! I will say this and if you've followed my threads (all of them even the is Edgar Davids commiting benifit fraud for appearing in a wheelchair on those BBC trailers, you know the basketball one, which may I add some crazy scum fans accused me of being rasist for??? Figure that out!!) You will realise that although I give it I can equally take it! I rarely resort to personal insults (except Devilgirl!! She follows me like a bad smell) and can engage in serious football talk amongst decent supporters!! (ask Alfie when he gets back down off his high horse and Theo and Stevie) I have been called all sorts of names by you lot, the main accusation usually involves my sexuality which I find amusing!! But the simple fact is, I really don't take my self or this forum too seriously. Too many people do. Lets face it if we all agreed all of the time where would we be?? No not Zimbabwe!!

      I'm sorry but I will continue to try and add a bit of humour to these boards and a lot of that will involve me kicking the injured dog whilst its down (that's you lot by the way!!) All I ask is that you and others don't take it to personal afterall it's only a game!!!!

      Oh yeah I've seen your new sponser:

      (year will definately be ours)

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      • you should be proud your the second team in north london..but thats it....Number one is the gunners,,and always will be. be happy with what you are.. and what you can acheive,,its will be ok..but never as good as what arsenal have acheived.

        And the LORD called unto Wenger, and spake unto him out of the tabernacle of the congregation, saying,
        Speak unto the players of arsenal, and say unto them, If any man of you bring an offering unto the LORD, ye shall bring your offering of Honours. and titles..and ye shall be a proud manager or a great team.

        Leviticus,, Chapter one

    • Not quite, and definitely NOT QUIET!
      Just waiting to lash out later today when my prediction humbles you.
      ... and for the records, my facts on Arsenal's purported experience in CL stands.
      You just don't have experienced players to take you beyond the group stages.

      So see ya in UEFA!