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  • I can see Spurs point that if he goes then they do not want another Sol Campbell and leave on a free then it will prove spurs have not learn't from that mistake. If they can get 12 million for him then I would rather see him leave if he does not commit. But there also has to be something from Spurs that he will start a game more often.

    But the whole point is he should be starting which would show to him that Spurs are serious about keeping him. Berbs and Keane have not played well in the league and Jol should have given the lad the nod after the Sunderland game.

    I say if he can help Spurs get to the top four this season and after the end of this season does not sign then he has helped spurs and thank you very much but we will still be asking for the 12 million, there should not be a reduced value in him because he only has 1 year left on his contract, i guess then he faces a season without getting into the reserves or 1st team.

    After all this i feel he will be leaving either way. No player is bigger than the club and if he is not commited then see ya wouldn't wana be ya.

    Good Game COYS