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  • limo1wales L limo1wales L Oct 2, 2007 05:12 Flag

    What a Game but...Look at the table...

    People will Rave on what a comeback....and so they should, but the table doesn't lie, I think levy will have had enough (should have seen his face at 4-1 down) of jol. i like the guy but he's taken spurs as far as HE can.

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    • 7 goals conceded compared to Robinson's 16, says it all.Average 1 a game compared to robbo's 2.

      If Green was at man u - and he's certainly better than old man de sar, he'd be in already.


    • Paul Robinson is awful. I swear he must have been to blame for at least 3 of the goals. Even before that freekick was taken i was wondering why he was stuck in the middle of the goal? He was just asking the defender to fire the shot into the left corner.

      Heres hoping Mclaren drops him for a Rob Green!!

    • I do like Jol as well and he has done well so far. But this is not just good enough for a team that was supposed to challenge for 4th place.

      I doubt they will be any better than 10th place and will continue to struggle for a long time until they sort out their defence and midfield.

      The midfielder are not that creative and not that solid either, and that impacts on the defence that is a bit wobbly anyway.

      Add a keeper that has lost his confidence or his not good at postioning himself then you have trouble.

      Why have they fallen apart so badly?