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  • dave dave Oct 6, 2007 16:08 Flag

    Jol - Not so stupid

    have to agree with this.

    which then asks the question, does mj really have a say in the transfers?

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    • Comolli buys the players! that's why MJ has trouble picking certain players as they don't fit in his way of things.
      JJ on his day can be very influential and is very good going forward. however he does nothing that Bale isn't doing at the moment, and Bale is already a better player. it would be good to have someone like JJ to bring on to change things though. Don't know why Tainio keeps getting picked though. Personally I would like to see a 3 striker attack and go a teams a bit more - it showed against Villa that attack was the best policy.

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      • ..me too...Tottenham have always been an attacking team (that's one of those stupid statements, given that it covers countless changes of manager and playing staff) and going forward they can scare teams to death (look at what we did to Chelsea - 3 goals, then...), but when we defend we look like a sieve. Odd that when I personally think that Dawson is one of the best in the country, Chimbonda is solid and 'leapy' Lee altough better going forward, is no dummy. I can even watch Gardner on the ball now without hiding my eyes behind my hands.
        All in all the prospects are good (I still think, even after the mistake against Villa, that Robinson is ok), the team just needs that self belief that turns a bad/mediocre team into top 4 potential. We need a couple of consistent 'belief building' results (I won't say performances, as I think we've played well in games and lost).
        ...and even better, if Defoe and Bent finally do form a partnership, and we don't sell the young talent we have, then we're looking good for next year and ....