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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Oct 7, 2007 04:02 Flag

    Jol - Not so stupid

    I've not had much criticism of the team Jol puts on the field, I have had criticism of how he chooses to play them, and I have had criticism of his substitutions (when and sometimes, why!).

    I've been pessimistic for a long time when Spurs go to Anfield (longer than you might even guess at), so, with the form, or lack thereof, that we're in versus the form the scousers are in (guess you really can't call them that given that they have, what, one, maybe two in the team)...I digress...I think this may be a low point...then again, there is always that intangible that says we get "up" for big games. I still think the best all around game we've played this season was the 1-0 loss to Manure (of course it doesn't say much, as we DID lose!).

    Well, fingers crossed...stomach will be knotted by kick-off...see you lot on the other side.