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  • No big surprise that a Newcastle fan wants to see Spurs keep Jol as manager,I dare say supporters of the other 19 premier clubs would also be in favour of MJ staying put.

    1 win out of ten(home game against Derby) is ridiculous,he's got to go.How about a straight swap MJ for Allardyce?

    I heard MJ and Fat Sam nearly came to blows after the game,apparently there was a very heated discussion as to who should have the last sausage roll from the buffet cart.

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    • What about the last two seasons though ? True you're going through a bit of a storm at the moment but do you really think that Jol is useless ? Up at SJP we almost had a revolving door fitted to the managers office and look what good it did us ! Of course I don't want Spurs to keep finishing above us but if you see in my other post I'd be sorry if you went down too. I think that if you sack MJ now then it could bring even more instability into your team, a new manager will want his own players and style, as we often have experienced, you normally get impoved results for the first couple of matches, as the players try to impress the new boss but it rarely lasts. Once those players cross that white line then it's up to them, certain Spurs players don't have the right attitude or ability at the moment, you've got to be honest about that, Dawson isn't fit to lace King's boots ! Yeah, and Martin Jol's comments about us not being "in the same boat" as Spurs was a bit out of order I reckon, must have been the stress !

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      • Now now, I appreciate your constructive comments, but I won't have that about Dawson. He was our superhero last season, practically single-handed defending (and defending well) for nearly 60 games. He's still only relatively recently cone back from injury, and is playing with a new CB partner. Admittedly he made a few concerning errors (i.e. for the goals), but a few pretty good blocks too. From the looks of things the dressing room's a mess and he's apparently not experienced enough to not let it affect his play. Wait for things to settle before judging him.

        I apologise of MJ's behalf for those comments, it's things like that which concern me. Whether or not he may think it, he's always been the epitomy of courteous and respectful to other teams and players, I'm not sure what all this is about. It's not the first time he's made comments like that, the rumour mill has it that he's trying to get himself fired so he can leave the nightmare situation he's in now £4 million the richer. I wouldn't blame him if he was, but I'd be thoroughly disappointed and lose all the respect I currently have for him.

        Give him a bit more time... I don't know how long I'll say this for, probably until the end of the season, but we'd be muppets to turn against him now.