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  • ric74 ric74 Nov 6, 2007 07:04 Flag

    Berbs is off In january

    i say sell berbs in jan the guy obviously has no passion for the club. we could get 15 m for him and buy a quality center half time to give bent a decent run in the side as i think he would definatly get us fifteen to twenty league goals. how did k.p.b play on saturday?

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    • I agree with Berba going,if he doesn't want to play for our great club,then fine,he can pi$$ off,his attitude this season has been appalling.The old cliche"no player is bigger than the club".

      We desperately need to spend on improving the defence and midfield.We don't need 4 strikers,so the revenue we'd get from Berba could make huge improvements for the team overall.

      Like most people,I was left scratching my head when we spent 16 mill on Bent,but let's give him a go,and prove all us doubters wrong.Keano,Bent,and Defoe coming off the bench is a pretty handy strike force.