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    I think i have a compulsive disorder thing, help?


    I keep breaking things at my work. One thing in the photocopying room, i keep putting salt in the sugar and putting marmite on the snaitary towel bin in the women's toilet.

    My worse problem is the habit of snooping in people's bathrooms. I stop with my best mates bathromms but i still check out the cabinets and the washing baskets. It started with sniffing clothes and reading the bra sizes of the girlfriends. A few times I have taken thier knickers and wiped a bit of my poo onto them and then put them back in the basket.

    I guess i figure they will get the blame and i havea asmug smile during the rest of dinner. I can't stop myself now.

    I don't think there is a support group for me and i can't tell my mates as i know they will ask me about whether i went into their bathrooms.

    Help me please?

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