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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Nov 22, 2007 06:35 Flag

    robbo . would he have done better????

    now before i get my head bit off i know carson made a cracker of a save but that clanger was something else. there was no bobble on the pitch or any thing else to blame. a school boy error in not getting his body infront of the ball.

    i would have never put him in there in the first place. robbo might be on a bad spell but his england clean sheets speak for them selves.

    robbo englands no1 defo for me.

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    • Come back Robbo. All is forgiven.

      In a satanic way i believe this might give Robbo the boost he needs. He's not alone in the clanger world now. The list of clangers is on two hands now. Shame Carson didnt use his.

      Carsons pretty good though. But agree. Robbo still no1

    • What pee'd me off was that 'the pundits' on the beeb, after Carson's clanger, then went on to show Robinson's 'mistakes', as though it was justified in vilifying someone who wasn't even playing.

      Robbo DIDN'T make a mistake when that ball bobbled over his foot - BECKHAM wouldn't have controlled it either. And, the defence (as most of the team) at the world cup were crap as well. But certain players are the papers and pundits heroes and even when they play rubbish, it's glossed over.

      I hate it when people are unjustly criticised. Bridge was awful with virtually evry touch last night - will that be brought up every game for the next two years? Lampard and Gerrard were crap for England at the W/C and still are. Do they get slaughtered?