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  • dillon dillon Nov 27, 2007 23:49 Flag

    What's it all about....Alfy

    Alfy...chill out !!
    No one is looking for you, and if you think putting your details on here will attract funny people, then take it off !! Easy eh,Who really cares what you look like or where you live? I wouldnt know the place you mention anyway.
    There are alot of fake posters on these boards and most of it is just for fun..This one Alfy is my genuine ID, wetupnorth will vouch for that..
    If you have been one of the fake posters, pack it in, Circumstances pointed that way. if not fine...leave it.. but chill out alfy, this isn't James Bond or a witch hunt, its a football forum for christ sake !

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    • Roys tongue-in-cheek gesture along with you Nigel maybe funny to you but not to others. You dont know my history and think ive made myself clear about this subject.So take the piss all you wish if you think its funny to be obsessed. Some would find it offensive. Please take some responsibility here.

      Nigel i KNOW ITS FOOTBALL. Why on earth are you telling me this? This is my whole COMPLAINT ABOUT YOU. BEING OBSESSED CAN LEAD TO WARPED VENTURES. NOW YOU CAN UNDERSTAND WHAT NUTTERS ARE OUT THERE. THIS IS A FOOTBALL FORUM INDEED.You are one of the worst offenders for delibarately inciting trouble so dont tell me to chill out. Your new ID is 20 days old. And this is cos of your spamming?? With your other ID??

      i had to take you off ignore as i wanted to see what you were writing today.

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      • Alfy...
        Isn't it a bit pointless pointing someone on ignore if all you do is take them off to see what they are saying?

        Alfy...lets get one thing straight, I do not try to cause trouble, I enjoy a wind up and equally I am on the recieving end of many. look at the Villa and Birmingham boards for proof of that. Do I care?. Of course not.

        If you say it wasn't you Ok, i'll have to accept that, but I'm not so sure. That is my perogative surely. Does it really matter?

        Anyway, my new ID as you put it is more than 20days old, I changed server, and reset it up.Thats why it shows less.

        I have no idea what you are on about what happened last year, but it seems to have spooked you alfy. If thats the case, I suggest you take your details off before a real 'funny' targets you.

        Can we talk about football now, we ARE playing you this weekend after all?