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  • andy c andy c Dec 16, 2007 08:55 Flag

    Portsmouth away

    What a great result. I would have put big money on Portsmouth to win this one. The last 2 results have been significant for us, closing the gap to achieve the expected 5th place spot.

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    • interesting to see the replies to this thread, stating the defence looked dodgy once again and that dawson and kaboul don't go together!

      well obviously not v pompey as dawson didn't play, perhaps you were watching in where? cloud cuckoo land maybe? please, if you're going to post, at least try and get the facts str8!!!

      i only manage to get to a few games per season now as i live in berlin, however i was at man ure and pompey and they were both good games, so it seems i'm a bit of a lucky charm eh alfy? ;-)

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      • I think people are referring to the fact that because Daws and Kaboul did not play together in the Portsmouth game that the defense was much improved over the other games where they did play together.

        You European boys are definately lucky enough to be able to fly short distances to see them live.

        So are you looking forward to the rematch with MC in the league cup?


    • i agree it was a much needed win and confidence booster but we were still poor in defence which has been our achilies heel so far this season the players seem to responding to ramos well but kaboul is making silly mistakes and dawson looks to lake confidence i just hope we can keep the form up over the xmas period and lets prey we can pick up a couple of defenders in january.

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      • I thought defensively we where ok? Much improved over other games.

        Going to Portsmouth was a tough game. it shows Kaboul and Daws just cannot play together and I would be interested to see who makes way when King comes back, most likely Kaboul with all the errors he makes.

        The schedule we have had this year has been tough, plus together with a number of teams likes Everton, Man City, Aston Villa and Blackburn all much improved. I think the race for the 5th place will be a difficult one but when the spurs start ticking and clicking together they will also be a difficult team to play against.

        We just need the defense sorted out in the last half of the season and with our attacking players should definitely fire us up the table to a good position.