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  • andy c andy c Dec 19, 2007 05:52 Flag

    Man City v Spurs

    What a result!

    I thought when we went down to 10 men, City might come back into it.

    Is the new manager weaving magic, or have the players been woken up from their coma's?

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    • Well Alf, if youre struggling to get a ticket for that game, i'll sort one for you at Kidderminster....think they are playing Greys this week, not sure, but should be a cracking game whoever its against, and if its not...theres always the two pubs at the bottom of the hill by the Viaduct to go to !

    • Well Nige ive got all this time off and STILL i aint going to the game. Tickets are a nightmare. Daan the pub me thinks this time. Loads of gooners there waiting for me to defend my team with my blinkered and biased opinions. Being a defender of the spurs brings me nicely onto the subject that we have NO DEFENDERS left. Zakora is suspended.

      . Our timing for crisis is impeccable. The news that Ledleys comeback has been suspended for another two weeks shows this perfectly

      Can only pray for a draw really. The top 4 continue to dominate unfortunately

    • Yea Alfie...I was refering to the goooners match. Anything Brum can do, Goons can do as well I think!!..but on a serious note, I would prefer Spurs to win it...I for one am getting sick of the so called top 4 going for total domination, and everyone else is just there to make up the numbers. In their eye's ,the "shock horror" attitude when someone does a Boro and stuffs 'em makes me sick. Surely a more even playing field would make the whole thing more exciting?.

      When city were in the Championship last season,it was alot more exciting as anyone could beat anyone, and did. At some point, I would like to see wage capping, and a limit to how much a club can spend on players each season. I suppose that can only happen if the WORLD teams adopted the same. Then a more level playing field can be established. Don't know what you think, being a rich London club, but for the rest of the country, it would make a little sense and make the whole thing fairer.

    • Nige the thread is about City and weve beaten them already, but if you meant about the arse game then i still say 1-1. hopefully mate anyway.

      Cheers. And yea no probs about this assumption stuff. hehe

    • alfie,

      Obviously your hol's situation are a misunderstanding, but I couldn't care less though to be frank, (no.... I'm not Frank.... oh forget it) not the pic though, you are kovansdad and you can't wriggle out of that one.......however, anyway. a trip abroad at this time of year is great, try it sometime, I was in Tenerife this time last year, 24C in December...brill.,

      The thread,,,mmmm well Alfie , I will forcast here that Spurs will get turned over, 1-3, what do you forecast?

    • "T'were young davey no less that suggested that you were to spend three weeks in the sun my good man, not I, I merely responded to the suggestion as yon davey is not a man to talk nonsense now is he??"

      I have NEVER said three weeks away in the sun. You just assumed Davey was right and you have based your opinions on that.hahahaha. EASY

      Merry Christmas ;)

    • Did you notice the title of this thread Nige? Did Roy? Too obsessed about my holidays. Does it matter where i go?

      Ooo was i nasty?

      Nige there is NO bullshit . Roy SAID 'billyb' and i am just showing it was not. Its as simple as that. No malice and no lies. Its quite ironic that my friends around me think im Mr No Bull. Everyone who knows me knows im straight to the point no f**kin about. Thats me. Again youre very wrong. So can i say tut tut tut in a 'talk down' to you kinda way now?

      So you saw a picture did you? woopy doo. It aint me but thanks for your latest efforts. But just for fun, who else am i then? im intrigued as to what the 'world of nige' has to say on this silly matter.

      Now back to the thread? Or would you like to speak further about 'other subjects'?


    • TUT TUT TUT Alfie,

      here we all are being friendly and you are being nasty, shame on you.!!

      T'were young davey no less that suggested that you were to spend three weeks in the sun my good man, not I, I merely responded to the suggestion as yon davey is not a man to talk nonsense now is he??

      Now Alfie my boy, do not suggest that you are not one to use false ID's,

      You are kovansdad my dear boy, don't care what you say, a picture cannot lie. This ID and other's I suspect.!

      Roy is not me and I am not Zico. I am who I say I am.

      Never the less, this is not a goad to start a battle, merely a statement,

      Have a nice Christmas, Alfie, and happy and prosperous New year old chap


    • im off till the 5th jan. no bulls**t there. My point was ive been off for 12 days already and its NOT in the sunshine.No big deal. Nige was just assuming i was on hols in the sun with a child that i dont have and im on here being fake. He's red hot is our Nige. hehe

      But the kip gesture was for nige. And thats no big deal either as we all know there are fake id'ers present and we're well above it all now ARE'NT WE ;)

      Cheers Kip

    • Why call Zico Kip?????????????????I am the only Kip

      I see your holiday was shorter than you said!!! Much shorter......Your next ID should be BILLY_BULLSHIT........

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