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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Dec 20, 2007 22:22 Flag

    Man City v Spurs

    The king is Dead...Long Live The King! MJ did get us 2 fith place finishes (the 1st we backed out of 4th into and the 2nd we fought mightily to overcome a slow start)...and while the coffers from European football have been filled...the trophy cabinet is still bare!

    I didn't dislike MJ, and no he wasn't tacticly inept...but he wasn't tacticly savvy either (well, not very).

    Being a manager these days does include a fair amount of cow-towing to your players (over-paid spoiled brats that a lot of them are) and this can take away from what you as a coach really wants to do. I don't think Jol folded to that pressure often, but he did occasionally.

    Its definitely too early to throw accolades on Ramos just yet, but to not credit him for the "mini-turnaround" is ludicrous. The team was floundering like a proverbial beached whale (I'll blame our man Comolii for that..once your manager knows you're out to get him, his whole approach gets negatively affected, and that negativity bleeds in to the team and affects their performance). That said, it still took some skill to get the players playing again. What's he done since he's come here (tacticly and team persnnel-wise)...Dropped Kaboul for a game to re-focus him (well...can't be right every time...I'll give him a C for that move)...Played Zokora in the middle of defense (definite A for that one)...brought up a kid from the reserves who's looking pretty mature on the ball...and subbed the pouting Defoe in the City cup match (though I'm going to give MJ credit, I think he might have made that move too...or put on an out and out defender...the difference is, he would have had them defending deeper)...also he's giving K P-B a run out (ok so Jol played him in a "nothing game" in the second leg against that Cypriot team).

    All-in-all I'm not ready to bow down and say I'm not worthy to Ramos...but I'm certainly feeling a lot better than I was a short time ago. 3 good result against our nemisis, and I might have to go buy a praying rug and build an altar!!