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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Dec 27, 2007 05:47 Flag

    State of The Union

    I'm looking at a top half finish this year. I'm hoping we dust off the teams that we should, on paper, be beating.

    Ramos has been a positive...I don't know what was going on with Jol, he's a good manager, he took us to two 5ths, I'll always question his tactical knowledge (he had some, but there are others who had/have a lot more). Yes he was undermined and no I wouldn't mind seeing the backs of Levy and Comoli, but somehow the whole thing got to the players and they underperformed.

    If we can keep King healthy, and get that partnership back with Dawson (hope he's not out for a lengthy spell), things will look decent in the back...even Robinson will come on strong!

    Not sure what next month and transfer activity will bring, I'm hoping it doesn't bring anything and nothing leaves either...we shall see.

    Here's to our continued success through the holiday season and beyond!

    happy New Year chaps!

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    • I would like to see a good left sider brought in in the jan transfer window. Plus we still need a solid defensive midfielder. Ohara looks class, Malbranque has been working his socks I think he is doing really well for the team.

      Defensive cover is a must during Jan and like you said hopefully King will stay fit. Kaboul is getting better but still a long way of being a class defender. Far to casual and lacks concentration.

      Since Daws has not been playing we have not been leaking so many goals :). He was good but has lost his way this season, he and Kaboul just cannot play together (when they do play).

      I think we should get a win against Reading esp since we are at home.

      The Chelsea game should be interesting with Lamps out as well as a host of others. I think we should be able to get something there.

      The fulham game was not pretty but all that counts is the 3 points in the bag.