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  • patweek patweek Jan 8, 2008 20:10 Flag

    Defoe can go

    This is my view about Defoe. I give him full marks for his loyalty to stay on with the team while patiently waiting his turn from the bench. Even now, after being told by One-Day Ramos to go, he is willing to stay and challenge for his place.

    But from a footballing viewpoint, he has the following weaknesses:
    1. He doesn't "see" the rest of the field very well, and so he does not link up with a second forward or attacking midfielders well at all. He seldom looks to pass to a teammate in a better position and if he does, the decision to pass or the pass itself is poor.
    2. Reason No. 1 means he can only be at the end of a series of passes that set up a strike at goal. That is fine if he is an absolutely deadly finisher, and he is not really that either. He has done somewhat better lately, but under MJ, I remember a lot of wasted chances.
    3. He is a truly lazy player when it comes to staying onside, which wastes a lot of promising passes coming out of midfield.
    4. He can be very spectacular in making something out of nothing and a lot of people remember him for those rare situations. But those odds are very long. I prefer a player who can finish off moves set up by clever midfield buildup where the odds of happening are much better.

    I would let him stay at the club, but if forced to make a decision to sell, I would sell him.

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