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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Jan 10, 2008 02:13 Flag

    Defoe can go

    Defoe left the Spammers because of ambition...and what's kipper on about...is a bad thing if Defoe would do what 99.9% of all other players would do?

    The offside thing...no ones lazier than Berbatov mate (lets face it, he starts, he's on the pitch more, so its easier to see).

    Yeah JD has his footballing faults, but, again, look at the chances sqaundered by our starting strikers. I remember in the darker days of this season our top score was Tony Gardner...and it wasn't because we weren't creating chances for our front men...its that they were missing them!

    Aerial threat...no, he'll never be that...so why do we constantly and without fail play high balls into him? Vision...not much there to argue about, but he does have an eye for goal (even if it is a bit wonky at times). Greedy is the main one usually used against this man...what striker isn't?

    I'm not trying to convert anyone that doesn't rate Defoe, its just that the reasons given are weak.

    If he goes, he goes (I see a hat-trick by him against us in the not too distant future). I'd rather he stay...I don't believe he wants to stay because Manure or scouse or scum haven't come in for him, he wants playing time at Spurs. A middling team like Blackburn (who are better than us at the moment) he might get a bunch more playing time (especially with McCarthy in and out of Hughes' dog house)...maybe even join back up with Mido at Boro? There's a bunch of teams who could use him...but he wants to play for us...and that's got to count for something in this day and age. (See fence sitting Berbatov...I haven't heard him say anything related to what HIS agent...the person hired to REPRESENT HIM...is saying to the press. He certainly hasn't come out of his face and said anything from the gut like JD has...has he?

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    • I don't think he's greedy as such, I think it's just that he knows he has more to prove than any other striker on the team, and has been in that situation for the last 2 seasons. Think about it, whenever Keane was injured last season or the one before - i.e. when he was 3rd choice instead of 4th - he's been much more the 'sharing striker' type you're after... because he could be. It didn't matter if he got goals then, he could guarantee being selected for the next game. Keane and Berb have that luxury now, so they can afford think more holistically about it. Bent's the same as Defoe, the difference being that there's no quality there.

      As for loyalty - couldn't agree more Rambr0. I think the obvious argument is that we're his best chance of winning anything (before anyone disagrees, we're still in 3 cups, and - let's be honest - the UEFA cup should be the easiest way for any team outside the top 4 to get silverware), but I really believe he'd rather have a career than a medal for benchwarming. Yet he's still here. To me, that's loyalty.

    • I didn't give an opinion on it being a good or bad thing. I was simply replying to Alfie's view that Defoe was a loyal Spurs player.

      I said why players seem loyal/disloyal.....Am i wrong? I think not!