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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 8, 2008 19:39 Flag

    I keep smelling people's underwear, is this really wrong though?

    Everytime i go to friends houses i pop to the toilet and check out what they have in the bathroom. Maybe peek in the medicine cabinet or the draws. I do it quietly and i feel a bit naughty. Then i moved onto washing baskets. Some homes have them in their bathrooms.

    I check for bras mostly, look at the label to see if my thoughts about my friends partner's breasts were correct. I should call it - "Guess you buddy's girls t.i.t.s game".

    More recently i have gone onto sniffing. I felt a little ashamed for a while but i thought why should i? I am not harming anyone physically. Sometimes i put on a pair of underwear over my head and quickly masterbate. I have even stolen a pair of large black comfortable unerwear for a basket.

    I don't feel i need locking up as i realise some will say i am sick, but it is such fun. I put themon my head looking like AntMan then wack away, pop them in my pocket and go and give the lady of the house a big grin when i go downstairs.

    I feel alive

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