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  • DC DC Jan 11, 2008 07:32 Flag

    Bollocks to...

    Argh, I agree with some of that.

    firstly, you won't turn us over - you had your chance and blew it.

    But, I agree we have a load of bandwagon jumpers. Some bloke was asking everyone to sit down last night so he could watch the game in peace - why do cnuts like that go to football :(

    Oh, and loads of people complaining about Yid chants.

    Arsenal have always had a bigger fanbase than spurs, just in the last 5/6 years we've become a magnet to some real soppy twats. Luckily, we've not been infested as bad as Chelsea so there is some hope.

    Ps spurs are shit
    pps, tonight i'm gonna party like it's 1999! :)

    You'll never beat the Arsenal

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    • Have to disagree with most of that DC.....
      Firstly I think you'll find it was you who had your chance and blew it son! You were the home team.....we also have an away goal..thanks. While i wont beat my chest and predict a win,any fool can see it should be advantage home team!
      I wont comment on the bigger fanbase nonsense...leave that to the kids.
      Finally yeah we are sh*t a lot of the time...but not always......and yes we will beat the A**nal....and sooner than you think.
      Have to agree with Stevies comments but cant help defending my team on my own board when t*ss*ers interupt genuine football debate....have to forgive me that one.

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      • We'll see, but you lot had our kids (and a few players who've turned shit overnight like Gilberto and Djourou) on the rack and I wouldn't have been surprised if you turned us over 2 or 3 - 0. But you missed the opportunity you lot have been desperately waiting for.

        Should be a great game at SHL, I'd expect us to put a stronger team out. Can you please make sure Ramos plays Defoe again though?