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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jan 17, 2008 23:41 Flag

    West Ham honours v Spurs

    Normally I hate getting involved in this rubbish - I'd like to talk about football, if I wanted petty bickering I'd go to a playground - but there are more than four teams in a league... you need to beat everybody else too. Good luck with that.

    (And I don't really think you can count the last game of last season, Man U had long since gone on holiday, they only turned up out of courtesy for Wigan and Sheff U)

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    • This thread (and a couple of others) were started up in response to a rather unseamly influx of hammers fans over the last few weeks......telling us how poor we are and how great they are. This poor grasp on reality had to be challenged I think you'll agree!
      Like you I much prefer a bit of banter and sticking to football but anyone who uses one of these forums will know.......its nigh on impossible to keep out of the petty slagging off.
      Im sure they will be back soon......after licking their wounds from last night.........I wonder what gems they will come out with?