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  • andy c andy c Jan 16, 2008 17:46 Flag

    West Ham honours v Spurs

    I just read a thread, and someone mentioned comparing stats between Yids and Hammers. This made me curious, as I wanted to see what West Ham have got to chirp about. They surprised me. I was kind of expecting Division 2 runners up every second season. here we go:

    Senior European

    European Cup Winners' Cup Winners: 1-1 draw here.

    UEFA Intertoto Cup Winners: WH 1 Spurs 0. Only desperate teams play in this.

    UEFA cup Spurs 2 WH 0. This is looking better.

    Some general stats that WH cannot boast:
    Spurs European Cup Semi-Finalists, winners of Anglo-Italian League Cup.


    Old Division 1 - spurs win 2-0. Oh, and spurs have been runners up 4 times.

    Old Division 2 Champions 2-2. Spurs also runners up twice.

    FA cup Spurs 8 WH 3. Spurs also runner up once.

    League cup, Spurs 3 WH 0. Spurs also runners up twice.

    Charity shield. WH shared once. Spurs won 4, shared 3.

    The other honours are pretty much Play off winners (WH), which is pretty lame, and Spurs winning some pre season tournaments. WH might have some non-league honours, which go back 2 centuries and dont count. Spurs also has some golden oldie honours not mentioned.

    All stats from wikipedia, and I've copied and pasted. I know that the gooners and Liverpool etc would piss all over us. However, from my perspective, I feel the Yids piss all over the Spammers. What are your interpretations?

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