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  • Evil Bread Man Evil Bread Man Jan 18, 2008 20:37 Flag

    Sunderland next

    A little bit of revenge here. hope that we can avenge our last minute sickener we let in the first game of the season. I hope we have grown out of that now.

    Come on your Spurs

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    • Thanks Alfy, for reminding me of that sicky feeling in the pit of my stomach. On holiday in Cornwall, spent days convincing my wife to let me go to the pub to watch the game. All the talk of Champions League ringing in my ears...Sunderland....easy win for a top 4 team..........just have the 2 pints, 1 in the first half, 1 in the second, as the last sip went down, injury time......gulp......NOOOOOOO!!!

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      • Hope you're feeling better now Big G.
        2-0 is the correct remedy for the pain.

        Nicely done my beloved team. You've made us mere mortals happy at LEAST until Tuesday.


      • Had exactly the same Big G - in corfu - spent ages bribing/persuading bar owner to switch from geordie match to west ham manc - got 25 ish fans in - again costing me a f'kin fortune in drinks-no matter - beautiful setting on beachfront, beers flowing kids outside , wives nattering and we lost, badly ( not that there's any other way!) and I was in compant that night with man c fan in essex exile who was kind to start off with but by end of night made me feel even more sick!

        Doesn't matter where you are, what you're doing - as long as your team's playing, it'll affect you.


    • I think it will be a good win 2-0 to Spurs. Tainio apparently played well in the FA rematch against Reading according to Gus, so may be he is not as bad as many have said. Well worth keeping as a backup player?

      Sunderland have not done that well away from home, and with Spurs confidence on the rise it should be a comfortable win. If we want to get back to the top 6 then each game from now too the end of the season is a must win or draw.

      Don't think we will see any major signings going in or out but you never know :)

      I don't think Setanta are showing this match well not in Canada at least.


    • As long as we don't treat this as a walk in the park, Alfy, I think we'll be alright. We're starting to settle down a bit at the back and I hope that continues.

      When is Huddlestone available again...is his ban over yet? I think we need him in Zokora's absence.

      Oh, and with all this talk of people leaving, how come I haven't heard Tainio's name, is he not surplus too? (Let's face it Ramos played Boateng and O'Hara in the middle of the park ahead of him the other day, so he's way down the pecking order.

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      • I don't think the midfield pecking order is really all that settled yet. Boateng still looks rough around the edges out there unless we're playing rugby. He may be getting better but I withhold judgment.

        O'Hara was very impressive early on but he has looked a bit lacking in confidence the last couple of games, especially losing possession at some critical areas. I'm backing him to succeed but I'm not sure Ramos is fully convinced.

      • hey rambro i heard the same thing about tainio think hes a gonna, shame hes not a bad squad member, theres a lot of talk at the mo but im not really paying any attention to it until it says signed sealed and delivered.

        im not sure about this fred dude and letting defoe go to prem oppisition(spelling is bad i know) why let him play against us in another team??? just praying a left winger comes in soon and a real top class centre mid.