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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Jan 30, 2008 22:10 Flag

    kevs off

    whats going on apparently kev boateng is on his way to villa,

    i think hes a good player and what to keep him , any thoughts???

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    • Im not sure whether I love or hate the last days of the transfer window! Theres always the odd shock in store eh?
      As for KPB, I dont think he's had long enough to establish himself and also has suffered with our general team form this season. I imagine he would have looked very good in our side last season.
      Still I have a lot of faith in Ramos and if he is happy to let him go then so am I.......as long as we see some real class coming in during the summer. Please about Hutton though......at least we have no more excuses to leak stupid goals........famous last words eh!

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      • Lost count how many new defenders we pur-chased. 3 or 4 now

        Should we have a jumble sale now. Or car boot. But whatever format we sell these players, we DO need to get rid of some of those who are not worthy. ie Gardener, Stalteri

        You know that as soon as we leak our first goal after this the secret spurs fan will be back . ie Ar5enal and the Hammerds.

        I can already picture it. "4 new defenders and still cant stop leaking"

        Dont disappoint me goons and bubble people ;)