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  • Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Jan 31, 2008 18:48 Flag

    Downing and gilberto

    Looks like Gilberto will sign today and were still being closely linked with a last day move for Stuart Downing.

    Looks like ramos is well and truely bolstering the defence.

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    • As said previously ' a pisstake' which i think you take a little too seriously

      dont get it wrong again Mike. Sometimes you may find that it is YOU who is having the off-day. But its looking more like a lifetime after you rants today. But think what u will. Youre a hammer. I expect the blinkers to be on, the blink ;)


    • Well not doing a good job alfy - I obviously consider you worthy of chat but STILL await the day when I think "By George he's got it"

      But I suppose in your terms I see you as having potential and a worthy cause though today I am considering the need to speak with your guardians.

      As I said earlier, maybe it's just an off-day for you?

    • Mike i look upon u as my supply teacher. Educate no but a pisstake to fill the time, oh yes

      You Hammers cant help yourself being here. You are in danger of making more threads here THAN YOUR VERY OWN BOARD. heheh

      Mountain and Mohammed type thing.

      Yahoo! Message Boards > Football > Teams > Tottenham Hotspur

      Thats all we need.


    • If you look at my posts everywhere alfy even you would soon be able to see it's my way ( whether good bad or ugly and I have often taken the pee out of em myself for being so ( that's what people with real sense of humours do mate - self parody or deprecation think it's called).

      ciy in the fa and everton in the carling.

      I will charge you nothing for your continued education.

    • So does mean you lost to Citeh in the Cups then?


      I do love you LONG rants. Amusing but sometimes LONG. And you think its ME that gets easily WOUND UP hehehehehe

    • Alfy let me explain and I'll try and keep it simple for you mate:-

      I suggested ( or posted), that we'd made a tactical withdrawal from the cups in a dad's army type way - with a further reference to Pike ( one of your characters and NO that's not a dig as said before, find EBM amusing).Did I really mean that we intended to go out of the cups!? well even you lot would know I wouldn't mean that.

      it obviously passed you by ( momentarily) the fact that we hammers can and always do, have a larf at ourselves.( I know, just as well.....), and again perfectly illustrates at a risk of repeating myself ( again), THIS is why some of us find other boards so amusing - interesting? er no, informative? er, no, but amusing? yes, BUT, unfortunately for those boards it is laughter AT not with, especially in case of spuds you ( individually) being probably the only exception, but always appreciate your loyalty ( I'd be same) towards your fellow spuds.

      Does look like hard work from here mate and I'll say it again, looks like beginning to get to you, without any decent back-up ( i.e fitz in bitz and mr Angry (EY), and the canadian - famed for their humour of course! - all far too easy to cope with, but I live in hope of finding a worthy jouster).

      Who knows by 5 this evening, the dynamics could all change!on the board?

    • Im sure Citeh beat u twice.

      Am i wrong?

    • I may be wrong but im convinced you are
      i just looked at the City score. It was 1 zip

      Or are you Chelsea?

    • "out of both cups"


      As Mannering would say, Wilson, ready the men for a tactical withdrawal"

      Stupid boy Pike!

    • well for this time of night the only thing i can think of to say is fuck off. even deep down inside u , u will know the truth that ur a yo-yo team who are over achieving , it must be like nearly winning the fa cup or scrapping through the play offs for u to be in 10th place and not fighting it out with derby. so make the most of it and at the end of the season when weve won the carling cup and qualified for europe once again , lets see how mouthy u lot r then.

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