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  • CalgaryResident CalgaryResident Feb 1, 2008 10:02 Flag

    Busy day for Spurs

    What a busy day. At last we have some defenders and woodgate was outstanding on Wednesday. I hope Hutton and Gilberto provide the experience we need in this department.

    Sorry to see Defoe go as I thought on his day he is as good as the other strikers we have. I guess it came down to playing time and money.

    We have rid of some average players which is good.

    I think there will be little time for the new guys to adjust as we need to start winning and moving up the table. The season is a write off, but I hope the rest of it will allow the new players to get familiar with there teams mates.

    Onwards and upwards COYS

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    • the season is a right off?

      a cup final, which if we win will put us back in europe, still in the eufa cup with a good chance to progress given who we're playing, at last a defence that is starting to look exactly that, a defence, so we can push up the league hopefully, and you say the season is a right off!

      pessimist by nature are we? ;-)

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      • Hey I meant to say from a league perspective. Yes we have the CC and looking forward to winning it.


      • of course he's a pessimist............ surely this a prerequisite of being a member of the tiny totts club?

      • berlin...I think he meant in light of what we 9or some of us anyway) thought at the beginning of the season...and that was contending for Champions League places...that part of it, my friend, IS a write-off. We are in a Cup Final (funny how that cup has gotten smaller since we made the final, hmmm).

        I said, after our bad start that mid table would be good for us (and it was a rhetorical statement to some banana who said we'd be lucky to make mid-table).

        Is it a write-off proper, no...is it a step forward, not by the looks of the stat sheets it isn't (our record, our position, our goals against). Does the future look bright...I'd say yes, but if I could predict the future, I'd be stinking rich and owning Spurs (and Ronaldo would be my first buy).

        Fingers crossed for the weekend.