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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 18, 2008 22:28 Flag

    Whats the point of Football...?

    This is a question to all fans of all clubs and Im asking it after reading through some of the fall out from the Man U-Scum FA cup match on the other boards.
    We all know that our beloved clubs are essentially money making schemes for (with the odd exception) fat foreign businessmen....but us fans...well we are in it for the trophies aren't we? Its for the glory innit?....whether that be gaining promotion from league 2, winning the LDV Vans trophy, getting into Europe, The Carling Cup...etc etc. For many long suffering fans...they may never taste that glory....for others its once in a while.
    I just dont get fans who can state that certain cups are not a priority! Oh I know for the club/manager/players that it might not be a priority but what about us fans.....surely its our raison d'etre FFS?
    Im frankly amazed that certain gooners and Mancs would rather make the semi's of the CL than win the Carling or FA Cup! Is prestige more important than silverware? Perhaps it is.
    Sure a successful Euro campaign will bring in more bunce and top players will want to join you......but for what? To win what exactly? Are bragging rights written down in the history books?
    Are they fcuk!

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