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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Feb 21, 2008 20:17 Flag

    Bit quiet for a cup final week!

    Robbie's a very much sung hero, although I think you're right and some of us take him for granted a bit... if we had to lose one personally I'd keep Keane over Berbs any day of the week - quality player and proven loyalty.

    I say rest where possible tonight, we've got a lead through an away goal and we're generally strong at the lane. In fact, despite my feelings about Bent 'skills' I'd even say to whack him on & give Berb a break. Under NO circumstances should Ledley play tonight (which I think is the plan anyway), ideally I'd like to see King & Dawson start at the back on Sunday because they've earned it.

    Not sure how I feel about the possibility of Kaboul playing tonight... it'd be nice to rest as many as possible, but he's incredibly bad 90% of the time. Mind you, I do credit him as being able to develop into a relatively good player, so maybe that's started. I suspect that part of the reason that Cerny was repeatedly selected at first was to teach Robbo a little humility, I'd be happy to see Robbo play tonight, but I reckon it'll be Cerny Sunday. It'd be a bit harsh to see Cerny dropped after one mistake & might knock his confidence a bit... we'll see.