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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Feb 22, 2008 08:40 Flag

    We looked a little shaky

    I think Berbs just needed a bit of a break, he's not been looking as sharp as usual lately and I think sitting the second half out might be enough to give him that boost. I hope...

    I still don't understand a lot of Ramos's tactics. If you're playing Tanio out of position as a wing back, why play Chimbonda out of position too as a left back? Still, it worked out ok. Do you think he's trying to pass him over to LB so we can have a back line of Chimbo-King-Woody/Daws-Hutton?

    I'm not too fussed about how shaky we looked with regards to Sunday, not many of their minds will have been 100% on this match, and it was a complete makeshift team - I don't think that a lot of those players would ordinarily play together (e.g. not as much as Jol, but I reckon Ramos would usually play Bent with a little player like Keane, not Berb) but we needed the balance between first team and resting people. The CUP FINAL(!!!) will be a whole other kettle of fish.

    The thing that concerns me slightly is the fact that Ramos refuses to indicate his first 11, or even what position they're likely to play. Players like Chimbonda & Huddlestone don't really have a chance to swot up on their opposition because they could be anywhere, including not even making the bench.

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    • Not sure how long some players are going to be out, but I think the long term back line (with back-ups in parenthesis) is going to be Hutton (Chimbonda) - Dawson (Rocha) - Woodgate (Kaboul) - Bale (Gilberto) - when everyone is fit - lots of competition at the back!). In the meantime, Gilberto (as soon as he's fit) will I think play on the left at the back. I think Ledley will be used as a holding midfielder with Huddlestone backing him up and maybe pushing him out of first choice (with the time Ledley has been out I wonder just how well and how long he will be able to deal with the rigors of the schedule - just how reliably fit and healthy he will be in the future?). Ohara's developing as a reasonable left side midfielder with tons of potential, with Malbranque behind him, and Lennon obviously on the right - again with Malbranque behind him. Which leaves Zokora and Jenas competing for the remaining midfield spot. Obvioudly Keano and Berbs upfront with Bent coming off the bench. And that still leaves a bunch of pretty decent players in the first team squad.
      If we ever get the full squad healthy it looks pretty good - and if we add a couple more players - plus have a couple really fulfill their potential we will be competitive for the top four. Left midfield is still a little weak, and we could do with someone with experience who can really take control in the middle of the park - I really don't know if Ledley is that person or not - I like him, but he seems to break really easily!

    • Or then again, perhaps he is planning on playing Chimbonda on the left, with Young-Pyo behind him, and use Gilberto at l midfield. I guess second guessing could go on all day. The good news is that we have players that can play at a number of positions (like Chimbonda). I'd like to see the side get a little more settled as I think that promotes a higher level of play - but perhaps that idea is an old one in todays game with the number of games played by the top clubs, and the intensity of many of the matches. I do have faith in Ramos to get the best possible out of the squad we have.
      I just hope that we beat the snot out of Chelsea this week-end!