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  • Old Fan Old Fan Feb 23, 2008 03:21 Flag

    We looked a little shaky

    I thought we just sat back after the first half - we honestly didn't have any of the killer instinct that's necessary to be a serious, competitive top club. There were too many long balls down the middle, and we seemed to lose control of the midfield where we allowed them to play, and there seemed to be a lack of sharpness up front. It was an all around lacksadaisical (sp?) display - no intensity. As you said, given the fact that a lot of people were playing out of position (O'hara at left back - and he did a pretty decent job, even tho' he was at fault for their goal), we played poorly as a team, and we still managed to hang on to the draw and go through - perhaps not too bad. How many times have I heard "well Arsenal/Man Utd/Liverpool/Chelsea (take your pick) didn't play well today and still managed a good result - that's what separates a good team from the rest" ....
    But if I take my rosy glasses off, we didn;t look interested in the 2nd half - perhaps thinking about Sunday?