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    We looked a little shaky

    Well - a win is a win is a win - and I'm glad that's behind us. We looked awkward and out of sync - hopefully that was due to a lot of players playing out of position plus some being rested for Sunday. I don't think Robbo was too much to blame for the goal - but he did look a little shaky despite a couple of great saves. He just doesn't seem aggressive enough in the box, doesn't come for balls that should be his, and doesn't own the area - his confidence still ooks shot!. Bent was unlucky - I really think he needs a little more playing time if he's going to show anything, he layed the ball off well, but not always in the right place - and it seemd that Berbs was muscled off the ball a lot, which reallt takes him off his game - in part due to the ref letting a lot of things go! On the other hand, the new slimline Huddlestone is looking strong, the middle of the back looked solid, and considering we had a bit of a patchwork team out there it was a good result. But if we play like that on Sunday, we won't be picking up any silverware!

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    • only caught the second half and in the last half hour i was shitting myself. but ur right a win is a win and we r through . cant wait till sunday. ive dreamt about ledly king picking up a trophy at wembley for years now it just might come true

    • A LITTLE SHAKY? Too blooming right. It was almost 'Behind the green door' Shaky. We were bad in the second half but we scaped it - JUST.

      Now the small matter of a final to deal with COYS

    • Maybe it's not so bad that we looked shaky and still pulled it off. Matches like these give Ramos a chance to fix and fine tune things, and I'm confident the team will be up and ready on Sunday.

      I didn't see the UEFA Cup match... can someone comment as to why tactically we were poor in the second half?

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      • we were poor in the second half becuase we knew that the hard bit was done!!!

      • I thought we just sat back after the first half - we honestly didn't have any of the killer instinct that's necessary to be a serious, competitive top club. There were too many long balls down the middle, and we seemed to lose control of the midfield where we allowed them to play, and there seemed to be a lack of sharpness up front. It was an all around lacksadaisical (sp?) display - no intensity. As you said, given the fact that a lot of people were playing out of position (O'hara at left back - and he did a pretty decent job, even tho' he was at fault for their goal), we played poorly as a team, and we still managed to hang on to the draw and go through - perhaps not too bad. How many times have I heard "well Arsenal/Man Utd/Liverpool/Chelsea (take your pick) didn't play well today and still managed a good result - that's what separates a good team from the rest" ....
        But if I take my rosy glasses off, we didn;t look interested in the 2nd half - perhaps thinking about Sunday?