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  • So what do you think of Ramos now then guys?

    I can't remember who's opinion was what but i don't remember many of you wanting him as your new manager.

    I argued the point that he is a good manager but not many would have it...........Have your opinions changed people?

    From a neutral stand point,i'm pleased you beat the Chavs and that you deserved the win as well.

    Take great pride in the trophy as you did it the hard way with Arsenal and Chelsea in your path.

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    • Naughty boy Butch...but I had to laugh at you're cheek !.

      Reading these posts again had me laughing a bit had to say, as I'm sure Roy would too, so thanks for digging them out..bit better than the nonsense on the Chelsea board these day's have to say.

      No, much as I would love to have admitted to being kovansdad, the owner of that ID is now known, butch, and an excellent wind up merchant too.... although I don't think he would ever fully admit it....will you Brucie...er Evil Bread man...or ????? !!!

      Those were the day's of real wind up's....just for a bit of fun...seems these day's the main aim is to pick on someones colour, etc....not really the same is it..

    • I will alfie.. make it my next project.

      and you're a good sport too...

      The facker I wanted out has been identified (fakey)and sorted...to be fair, I enjoyed kovansdad's banter...genuine. If it was you, fair play, if not ...why not?

      Laters alfie boy...

    • During your waking hours get yourself a wet film camera. Digital can be tampered with.

      24 hours a day?. Boy you're working hard. No rest for the wicked eh. Some would say your working too hard on this subject but i think you've done a stern job. Good work. ;)

    • Sure the Hammers lads WILL be here soon Alfie.....so get them fast fire answers ready...

      while youre doing that, i will be working 24hours a day, trying to expose kovansdad, JUST for you....sure he will have a good explaination why your photo was on his profile, and you and davey were so chummy at the time..and davey was thanking you for all your hard work on the Geordie board against the 'invader'......just a coincidence I'm certain, and it will all become clear in time....I mean, photos don't lie do they? well not all the time I guess.

      Still up for the game on the 1st?

    • Youre a funny guy Nige. I very much doubt the hammers will be here, but all the same i have an answer for EVERYTHING. Especially today hehe

    • Roy, how did you know that i work in an indian call centre? heheh

      yea nice try chaps. keep up the good work.

    • Me too alfie....must get on, seems your just TOO cheerful today.... And good reason.

      never mind, the Hammers lads will be along soon, get your answers ready.


      Q/ Who built the team?

      A/ Martin Jol

      Q/ Who wants the credit?

      A/ Ramos

      Q/ Who has a face like a lemon?

      A/ The guy who's name sounds like a sexually transmitted desease.

      Not bad for only the fourth best team in London, behind @rsenal, Chelsea and West Ham...not bad.

      And Birmingham coming up...enjoy it while it lasts alfie.

      Must run....still hunting for clues to establish who kovansdad really was....just to clear YOUR name alfie. Just for you........

      The things I do for you eh......

    • A quite day in the call centre!

      OK Alfie,it's been fun this morning and i see i can't shake you out of your good mood.

      There's always another day.


    • No mate...finished nights on Friday....4 days off, then back on Wednesday a.m.

      What about your good self Alfie...whats your excuse?

    • Seeing that both you and Roy are Springer fans i guess that you take the morning off to watch it or do you Sky Plus it?

      Go Jerry go

      havent you boys got work to do?

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