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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Feb 25, 2008 21:18 Flag


    I don't think anyone was anti-Ramos, it was just that we had a manager who was doing a great job for us until the board fucked him up. Some people thought Jol didn't have that extra push, I still believe he could've done it. But it's all ifs & buts now, which is why I didn't bother replying before.

    We also have to bear in mind that Jol was a massive character and this carried really well through the media, but this is less evident in Ramos. Perhaps as his English gets better and his personality becomes clearer to the fans he'll become as popular... We'll see.

    If I had to pick one to go for a pint with it'd be no Juande, that's for sure.

    Does any of this answer/give an opinion for your question?