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  • Evil Bread Man Evil Bread Man Mar 3, 2008 22:57 Flag

    One down, one to go

    Right then, now that the dust has settled and our expected thumping at the weekend against the brums has now passed its now time to knuckle down and concrentrate on thursdays game. We're still in the UEFA Cup but clearly we don't want to be in the prem. But anyhow, it does sound great to be playing for a SECOND cup this season. Whereas others have nothing to play for at least we still got that. I cant see us getting any higher in the league.

    But we can still be delusional and hope for a top 8 place AND the UEFA Cup.

    So we gonna beat PSV or what? eh?

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    • it was odds on we'd get tonked no matter who we played, after all it's the spurs way ;-)

      it will be different for the eufa cup game, of that i'm sure, think ramos will have thrown a few fukks into the lads and grabbed their attention.

      pretty sure we'll wind up in about 10th place, but i'll settle for that after our poor start and the unsettling effect changing trainers had on the lads.

      would be great to win the eufa, we seem to be getting the right draws to get there at least.

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      • funny old game...
        Did you see the 'matchcast' stats on Yahoo and the the 'worst team of the week' (90% spurs players)?

        How does all this work? We had 65% possession, more shots more accurate passes (1 in 6 were bad compared to 1 in 4 for Brum) - and apparently we were the crap team. I'd love to see what the stats show when we play well.

        35.4% Possession 64.6%
        14 Shots 23
        9 Shots on target 8
        4 Saves 2
        5 Corners 6
        11 Fouls 14
        0 Offsides 3
        1 Yellow cards 0
        0 Red cards 0
        23 Tackles 16
        151 Accurate passes 371
        38 Bad passes 62

    • I wish id bunged a tenner on brum beating us as I had a nasty feeling we'd be brought back down to earth with a bump!
      The relief of getting some silverware and back into Europe obviously had a reverse knock on effect. It was a good time to play the Spurs put it that way!
      I dont think Ramos will allow that to happen twice in a week though. I think PSV will encounter a totally different Spurs than Brum did and I reckon we have enough to beat them. I wouldnt even be that disappointed if we dont do too well at home first leg. We have looked good away in Europe and they wont fancy it much.
      As for the league.....well I said a while back that top 6 was beyond us and top 10 is probably the best we can hope for. Of course in order to do that we will have to overturn the 'emerging third force in London' and they are flying at the moment!!

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      • you know Yiddo, Alfie...........................

        The best thing about these boards, and there is a best thing...is that you can take the piss, have a good bit of banter....have a good old cyber punch up....stuff someone elses team and rip into them, but all said and done, we, the civilized posters can have a laugh afterwards.
        I'm glad we stuffed you, as no doubt you would have been had you stuffed us....but now thats in the past, I can become a Spurs supporter for one day aginst PSV.

        ATB for the Euro game.

        COYS (for the Euro games only though)