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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Mar 5, 2008 03:54 Flag

    One down, one to go

    Yes, stats suck a big un...but there's one telling stat amongst those shown...the passing stat...we passed an awful lot, almost as if no one wanted the friggin ball. I bet if there was square and back pass stats, you'd start to see why we tanked that match. We weren't going forward much...3 offsides for the whole game...Berbs usually gets that on his todd in the first half alone. And as for them having 0 offsides - we were defending too deep (am i right, to those that saw the game...as I didn't...I'm just reading the stats.

    As was said, the only stat that counts at the end of the day are the amount of goals you score and let in...keep a plus balance sheet and you'll have 3 points every time!

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    • Chaps we need a BIG PUSH to beat this lot . PSV are top and we gotta lot of work here. Yes the dutch league is a little poorer. i hope PSV are compalcent and see that we're 11th and doing badly. But im sure they'll know about our exploits against Ar5ena1 and then Chelsea.