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  • Scratch Scratch Mar 13, 2008 05:47 Flag


    It's Jenas who is dead weight, Totally crap penalty.
    My granny could have saved that penalty.

    And what were they thinking letting chimbo take a penalty, they may just have well let Robbo take it.

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    • Don't forget Jenas was carrying an injury for an hour of open play - he asked to come off around 60 mins (when Lennon came on), and didn't really do anything of consequence after that. He wasn't up to taking it, but as captain and an experienced attacking midfielder I think felt obliged.

      Chimbonda took one because the only fully attacking player who hadn't was Lennon. Bit disappointed by that, the impression I got when they were working out the order etc was that he wanted to be talked into taking one, in the Jolly days that might have worked but Juande and Gus aren't gonna babysit him like that. You could equally say why did Zokora take one when he's never scored for us: because he had to (I had a feeling he'd break his duck tonight, I just wish it'd been under different circumstances).

      I'm gutted for Chimbonda- he might make decisions about his career like a businessman and not a fan, but I like him, I think he's been toned down nicely (he doesn't try and get away with cheeky 'half cheating' anymore because he knows it doesn't go down well with Spurs fans), and that must be a horrible situation to be in.

      I wasn't too disappointed at the end of the match - if you can get to the 7th penalty then I think it's fair to say there's nothing in it and it's down to luck - but the gutted feeling at the pit of my stomach's growing now. Nightmare. I think the problem we had with playing PSV is that we're pretty evenly matched, in much the same way as why watching Man U-Chelsea games is so boring - we cancelled each other out.

      I really thought we'd have it this year, we deserved to beat Sevilla last year and they won it, so there was no question in my mind. Still, no complaints for the performance - there were even a couple of times when Bent almost impressed me!