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  • Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Mar 20, 2008 15:28 Flag

    Ashley Cole

    Does anyone else think he shoould have been shown red last night.

    He got a yellow for the challenge but should of got a straight second and a red for abusing the official i mean what did he have to complain about disgracefull challenge

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    • Why is wenger getting involved in this? A few weeks ago he was demanding a career ban for the challenge on the arsenal player

    • Naturally of course Robert, and the Chelsea forum is too the same. We not excluded and we know we're just as bad. Zakora did it last seasonand now Huddlestone

      But Drogba is the king of amatuer dramatics. just looks funny when a 6ft something footballer goes doen like a sack of spuds. Always remember the slapping incident of Lehaman and Drogba. Was like Laurel n Hardy hehe

    • Yes, Ashley Cole should have had a red. Perhaps Riley was feeling guilty for giving Joe Cole a yellow for the crime of being hacked down just outside the penalty area.


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      • So Aresly Cole has apologised? Someone must of gotten wind of the possibility of punishment after the fact...especially in light of the Eduardo affair. Oh, and didn't Mido get a straight red for a high boot recently 9of course our "old boy" connected with the lads head, but that's beside the point...wink).

        As for the divers...I smiled when reading Essex's post (not the bit about his kid 'flopping' but the way he's trying to teach the lad...he'll come around amte, hang in there. Gloves??? (sad innit!). I remember freezing me tits off playing for school and Sunday league, just regular kit on...no gloves, no tights, just good ol character building kit (I sound like one of those old geezer's I used to hate listening too!!)

    • Er, do I detect a slight double standard here?

      We'll slag off Chelsea players (and ex Chelsea players) for something but not criticise our own when they blatantly do it?


    • it's not just the kids though, is it essex... a friend's son plays for Rayleigh Boys (in Essex) & the stories she tells about the opposition coaches are funny although a little worrying... they don't always set the best example & these are teams of 8 yr olds being influenced!

    • Well its not for the want of trying to get these kids to appreciate that cheats never prosper. Sometimes i have those days where my attitude is 'well if you cant beat em join em'

      But overall i like to win/lose fairly. Always like justice to be served.

      I'd of never of put Hudd as a diver. But his acting has impressed me here. hehe

    • I wish we could find a way to stamp out the blantant diving n cheating that goes on in the modern game (and that goes for any Spurs player cheating too). We used to be able to blame 'johnny foreigner' for this but now we are as guilty as the rest.
      Ive always tried to teach my football mad son the 'english way' of playing the game...you know hard but fair, stay on your feet.....dont give up etc! Well imagine my horror recently when after the lightest of brushes from an opposition player he went down, threw his hands up and appealled to the ref with one of those mouth open gormless looks. Not only that but he insists on wearing gloves a la Henry, Pires, Anelka!! I was crestfallen!
      I tell ya watching these ponces on telly is bad for our kids!!

    • Drogba would of been proud of that dive. Robben too.

      Referee was right. But in this day and age everyones at it. Its just that Drogba makes more than a meal of it everytime an opposing player brushes him. I guess Drogba doesnt have a telly. He'd cringe at his antics. But the whole world continues to laugh

      Well done Hudd. Great goal, and good cheating tactics ;)

    • i suppose it depends on the angle you saw it from regarding Hudds, cos from where we were sitting it looked an absolute stone wall penalty, and the refs view of the incident was obscured by players (yet the linesman who was infront of us had a clear view and he didnt even ask him what he thought)

    • Mike Riley let the Chelsea team bully into a yellow... the guy is spineless.

      Ashley Cole typifies everything that is bad in the Premier League... greed, arrogance and a poor-me attitude... remember the 'Ar5ena1 don't love/value me enough' whine.

      The only good thing is that Capello was at the Lane last night and I'm sure Ashley Cole's display won't have impressed him... hope he's left of the England squad!