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  • Seeing as Berba's pr*ck of an agent is mouthing off again we can assume that Dimi may be on his way in the summer. The funniest story doing the rounds this weekend though has to be Man Citeh bidding large amounts of folding for him.
    Of course lets get as much bunce as possible for him but what sort of mentallity would see a move from US to THEM as a step up ..lol? Does Svens ego match that of Fergie or Wenger? Fair play he does get his end away with some class totty but does he seriously think he'd persuade Berba to get into bed with Citeh? LMAO

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    • no, leverkusen were in the running for everything the season before he left, the cup, league title and cl, they ended up like ar5ena1 with nothing and were nicknamed neverkusen by other fans, and in typical german style the team was virtually disbanded and started anew

    • My heart bleeds for those poor PL players eh Rambro?
      Having to find ways of spending all that money each week while their agents negotiate even bigger salaries and signing on fees!
      This Berbatov situation is starting to p*ss me off...or to be honest Berbatov is starting to p*ss me off big time. If we can ignore the obvious football talent of this bloke for one second......He hasnt come out and denied any of this specualtion yet. Fair enough if you want to leave son...tell us about it! Secondly stop acting like a spoilt little girl on the pitch and wear OUR shirt with some pride whilst Spurs still pay your wages....would you mind? We accept you are ambitious, we accept you want CL football and a bigger stage....good luck to you.....we wont accept the fact that in the meantime you will behave like a lazy East European dishwasher on the dole! Dont forget it was Spurs who gave you the chance to show the world how great you are...a little honour and humilty wouldnt go amiss right now!

      ha ha I love ranting

    • Now there's the rub...you hit the nail right square on the head EY...greedy vampiric (is there such a word) money grubbing c^&t. Sports in America is full of them...the athletes are usually too dumb to know what's going on; certainly too dumb to think that their agent who supposed to be representing their best interest, is the same one that gets the rumour mill churning (maybe a sneak meeting with one of Sir Alex's backroom boys...or a trip to Camp Nou to "check things out"). Then the equally bloodthirsty press takes the ball and runs with it. Poor ol' dumb bastard player is stood on one spot turning in circles (they soothe themselves with their flash motor, jewelrey and whatever else it is 10's of thousands of quid a week can buy them).

      Sell him...move on...NEXT!!! (and this is in response to todays Dantchev news)

    • torres rooney ronaldo ronaldhino messi nistelrooy drogba or bent

    • Any ideas who with?

    • Dont forget Dantchev looks to earn a nice little commision on the sale of Berbs so Im not surprised his is pimping him around like this...keeping him unsettled. Even if he went to Milan I wouldnt expect him to be there for more than a couple of years before his agent tries to sell him on again.
      More fool Berbatov for saddling himself with a bloodsucking parasite!
      Yes Ramos could do a lot with 40 million.....and dont forget guys n gals......Berbs IS replaceable.

    • He's at it again... http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/17042008/4/agent-makes-new-berbatov-claim.html

      Dantchev makes my blood boil - can't we all pitch in & hire a hitman!!!

    • Of course it's a step up, they spent all season in the top half of the table, and have dipped to 9th place - YOU however have spent all season in the bottom half of the table and have someone managed a nose bleeding 11th.

      IMHO he'll be silly not to go.

    • Read somewhere that Berbs claims he knows the price Spurs wants for him - but he won't tell! Bet his greedy agent has already been on the phone to AC, Barca, etc though.

    • This Milan story has been doing the rounds for a few days now and I think its fair to say that Berbs will leave us for 'somewhere' in the summer. I also hear that Ramos will not sell him to an EPL team so thats good news for us.
      It would be best if we could get some kind of bidding war going as AC will try to knock us down as much as they can. If we can get Inter and Barca on board he'll be a right bobby dazzler!
      I love Berbs but also believe there are quality strikers out there who Ramos will be in for. I also agree that his posturing and laziness at times has not done him credit. All in all I think the best we can hope for is a big pay day.

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