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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Apr 10, 2008 20:25 Flag

    Berbatov To Citeh?

    hello hello, another day another rumour...

    This time it's been confirmed that Milan are interested in Berbatov, and he says if this interest becomes a concrete offer, he'd be "flattered". He then goes on to say "but at the moment I'm a Spurs player", which sounds to me like the old kiss of death - not registering any intent to stay a Spurs player.

    It's the first rumour I've really believed is possible. In fact, I actually said last summer that I thought he'd go this between season, I just hoped I was wrong. I could be reading too much into it, but I don't think I am - the phrasing is completely different to any he's used before and it sounds much less committal.

    In all fairness, you can see why he'd want to do it, he'd fit in well there, I just wish he wouldn't.

    Thoughts (constructive please, I can't be bothered with the same ols slanging matches)?