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    won a cup & in europe so wheres our motivation?

    i think we will lose nearly all our remaining games for the rest of the season coz its hard to get motivated for meaningless games.
    we brilliantly won a cup this season & we also qualified for europe.
    so tottenham have nothing to play for in the league.but the players have places to play for.
    who do people think are safe for next season.
    this is my list

    SAFE- king,woodgate,dawson,hutton,berbatov, keane,bale(injured but that means he will have to give him a chance next season)

    50/50-robinson,chimbonda,hara,kaboul,lennon,roche, malbranque,lennon,jenas,huddlestone,zokora, bent


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    • Wasn't a fan of Bent when we bought him but coming around to the fact he his a good footballer just needs the minutes on the field.

      When we had 4 strikers I think he and defoe suffered as giving them 10 min here and there to make an impact was not working out.

      Sorry to see Defoe go but looks like he has a new lease on life with the move he made.

      If Bent becomes a regular I think he will learn to play with his team mates. I say keep him, he is class and the pressure of the 16mill move may have got to him at the start but he will only get stronger.

      Def need one more central defender of high class. With King unable to play more than 1 game in a row, he can now be used to rest the 1st choice CB.

      Dawson out, KPB out, Lee out,

      No strikers needed in the summer but if Berb leaves then I would play Bent and Keane 1st choice and groom someone from the youth/reserves.

      Supply from midfield needed and someone to manage the central park.

      Oh and my last rant, play some decent teams in the pre season games so we hit the ground running with wins at the start of the season.

      Winning the pre season games means nothing if the teams we are playing are shit.


    • Ok I'll throw a few names into the hat for ya!
      Of course its all a matter of personal opinion and I dont expect everyone to agree but here go's.....
      Lennon - has failed to fullfil his early potential....final product is poor for a winger in the England squad. Sell him now for big money before anyone realises that he wont get any better.
      Jenas - inspirational one match, anonymous the next....midfield generals are supposed to be noticed everyweek! Cant make up his mind what he wants to be. Might be useful if he had someone pulling the strings in there but is not the man to run the show himself.
      Kaboul - might benefit from going out on loan for some experience but was supposed to be at the top level already in France and at nearly 9 million has been a disaster (scored some vital goals I admit.....so play him in midfield then....im not convinced he can defend)
      Robinson - good shot stopper but everything else he does is poor to average.
      Lee YP - cant cross, unreliable at the back...bye
      Chimbonda - could be great if he could be bothered....if he knuckled down and shut up Id keep him......but he's too unsettling and inconsistant....or THAT good!
      The jury is out for me on Malbranque, Dawson,Bent, KPB etc...I'll think on it a bit more lol
      Those already out on loan I dont believe will ever play for us again.
      Now let me just put this into a little bit of perspective....I think all those mentioned are good enough for the Spurs of old....you know the team which finishes top half, odd win against the top 4, maybe a tilt at europe or occasional cup semi. The Spurs who threw money at has beens and donkeys.
      Well Im looking to the future....I want Spurs to be one of the top 4 or 5 sides....Euro regulars...trophy winners....able to compete for big signings etc.......I personally dont think those mentioned above can take us there. I wont happen overnight but it will happen!

    • Yes its scandalous that i can cast dawson aside like that, but some players have one blinding season and then its kaput. I just dont see him improving. If we're gonna get anywhere then we need euro/world class defenders. yes i know i'm encouraging maybe the spanish contingency of players to start coming over but come on, we've leaked bundles and he's made loads of mistakes. Theres a lot of defenders that are better

    • there isn't any motivation... only to finish as high as poss, for pride and for the fans... so we'll lose more than we win then! As Poyet said some players are under the impression that the season has already finished!

      Think Tianio, Chimbonda, O'Hara, Huddlestone & Bent are SAFE... Spurs are already asking after other keepers as Cerny's loan runs out the end of this season... but will Robbo be going or be on the bench??? I say going.

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      • If Ramos is to wield the axe in the summer you'd think that would be motivation enough to wanna keep your place eh?
        I hope those who are slacking now get booted coz we dont want any deadwood around when we are playing in Europe and winning stuff in the future. Let them see out their careers at the likes of Wigan and Fulham..where they can act like big fish in little ponds...while we move onto to winning trophies and taking up our rightful place amongst the top teams.
        I wont name names (too many in my book) but I think we all know who's not up to the task ahead.

    • I'll see your:

      AFE- king,woodgate,hutton,berbatov, keane,bale

      and raise you Jenas, O'Hara, Bent, Hudderstone, Zokora and Tanio, (the latter two are very versatile, the board won't let him make such a loss on Bent after only 1 season, O'Hara's ripe for him to mould, and Jenas has been on form lately)

      50/50 (in likeliness to stay order) - Malbranque (almost def stay - I've liked him this season - but O'Hara & Bale are clearly meant to replace him eventually), Chimbonda (he's proved his versatility) , Robinson (you can't lose your top 2 keepers in one go can you?), Lennon (depends what else is on offer), Rocha, Dawson, Kaboul (depends what else he buys but at least one of these has to stay. I'd like it to be Dawson as he's young & when he's on form he's brilliant, but he's sporadic & the other 2 have been injured so have that to suggest they have more time before he makes a decision)

      GOING-stalteri,gardner,boateng,cerny, 3 or 4 of the 50/50's, and anyone who's so rubbish I can't remember I've missed them.

      I've given him quite a big squad to work with haven't I... financially that might not be acceptable, what with Joe's money problems these days.