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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Mar 31, 2008 18:02 Flag

    won a cup & in europe so wheres our motivation?

    I'll see your:

    AFE- king,woodgate,hutton,berbatov, keane,bale

    and raise you Jenas, O'Hara, Bent, Hudderstone, Zokora and Tanio, (the latter two are very versatile, the board won't let him make such a loss on Bent after only 1 season, O'Hara's ripe for him to mould, and Jenas has been on form lately)

    50/50 (in likeliness to stay order) - Malbranque (almost def stay - I've liked him this season - but O'Hara & Bale are clearly meant to replace him eventually), Chimbonda (he's proved his versatility) , Robinson (you can't lose your top 2 keepers in one go can you?), Lennon (depends what else is on offer), Rocha, Dawson, Kaboul (depends what else he buys but at least one of these has to stay. I'd like it to be Dawson as he's young & when he's on form he's brilliant, but he's sporadic & the other 2 have been injured so have that to suggest they have more time before he makes a decision)

    GOING-stalteri,gardner,boateng,cerny, 3 or 4 of the 50/50's, and anyone who's so rubbish I can't remember I've missed them.

    I've given him quite a big squad to work with haven't I... financially that might not be acceptable, what with Joe's money problems these days.