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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 31, 2008 14:08 Flag

    let the geordies gloat-it was there cup final afterall

    bless em! now all of a sudden it is keegans magic! it makes me laugh!

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    • i bet not as much as it made me laugh!!
      norwich have no game this weekend like?

    • Well they do seem to have some sort of spell over us... last few seasons we haven't done well against the Geordies.
      I mean this season alone 2 goals for, 7 against! and they're supposed to have a weak defence!

      I don't feel much like laughing ;-|

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      • Wahey Davey bonny lad........firstly well done to Toon for putting that old relegation monkey to bed. As you know Im not 'King Kevs' biggest fan so Im not reading too much into that scoreline. In fact had we had something to play for I reckon Keegs could have been fighting for his job this morning instead of predicting Europe next season but thats another thread altogether.........lets just revel in the fact that we will both have the chance take the p*ss out of eachother again next season!

    • I for one am not gloating.after the season we`ve had I`m just massively relieved.The fact that it was your lot who suffered is something you will just have to deal with.If laughing at us helps you deal with this heavy defeat go ahead enjoy yourself.But when your done with laughing you will still need to address the fact that your team were not at the races yesterday,too many of them weren`t willing to put a "full shift" in.Gus Poyet summed it up in his post match interview when he appeared to suggest they should be embarrassed to collect their wages...............A situation not uncommon in the Newcastle dressing room this season ! Like I said earlier I`m not here to gloat,I`ve got nowt to gloat about,but it was a crucial game for us and yes I do believe that result would never have been achieved under Fat Sam...............And finally,no it does not mean that we think Kevin Keegan is "magic" but he likes his team to play in a way that coincides with the way that we the fans want our team to play,afterall it is supposed to be entertainment..................isn`t it ?

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      • Good posting. Hope Keegan does it for the Geordies. After Spurs they were the team I liked to watch most when Keegan was there first time round. By the way Ginola cost you the championship. He held up the flow of Newcastle's natural game by holding on to the ball and dribbling round in circles.

      • Well said Davey, if we'd won 4-1 home or away we'd be delighted too - the opposition's almost irrelevant with that sort of result. Congratulations (I can say that because the opposition's not quite irrelevant, and I can truely believe on another day it might've been the other way round - I'm not quite that good a person yet!).