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  • Spurs performance against Newcastle was a disgrace. I cannot imagine Man. U, Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal ever giving less than 100%. Teams with a winning mentality hate to be beaten by anybody at anytime. Until Spurs show that kind of ruthless killer instinct they will never challenge for the big prizes.

    Ramos must have learned a lot from that performance and a few of the players will be playing somewhere else next season and serve them right.

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    • seems like they just thinking about there holidays

    • Don't panic , don't panic. Ramos has only been in charge for a few months. Let him tinker with the formation after we won a trophy. And if by magic he did. Its a game we tried something different. I'm glad he didnt when it mattered most.

      It's no good you try and give me falseys Sparrow. We can see you


    • Do you actually ever watch any football matches sparra?
      I seem to recall Ar5ena1 giving about 25% when getting dumped out of the FA cup this year (not to mention their recent slump)
      I think Barnsley may also be happy that Chelski didnt bother to turn up at their place too..........hmm that ruthless winning mentallity of which you speak.......its possible both of those will win sweet FA this season.
      Berlin is right.....................its a bit late for stating the obvious mate!

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      • Some of the players were working their socks off and others couldn't be bothered.

        I think the reaction of Poyet and Woodgate suggested they were far from happy with the effort of some of the players.

        These boys are professionals. They are paid to work not stroll about.

        As for working their a***s off all season, that's also total rubbish. The wages they are paid, so they they bloody well should.

        They don't know the meaning of the word. Ask a nurse about work then come back and talk to me.

      • Umm...

        Man U last year: they still had the FA Cup to play for but they'd won the league and go to the CL semis so weren't really bothered about it. Results before that: 6 wins in 8, 22 goals scored, and only one loss. after that:

        Premiership Chelsea 0–0 Manchester United (this one's the killer) Premiership Manchester United 0–1 West Ham United
        FA Cup Manchester United 0–1 Chelsea

        But you're right, they'd never give less than 100% (?!?!???)

        It's human nature, if you've been working your ass off for ages and you finally get some credit for it, and you've still got work to do afterwards but it's essentially irrelevant, then it's really hard to motivate yourself for it, that's logical - there's no point being at full throttle your whole life, you'll burn out. We just need the team to learn to turn it on sometimes.

    • couldn't agree more me old sparra! thanks for pointing out the obvious, lol ;-)