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  • I dont want to sound gloomy but didnt the players get a rocket up there jacksies after the Birminghma game? And then again after the Man City game? Weren't they all told they were playing for their futures then?
    Its quite possible we will go out and beat Blackburn but I doubt it will have anything to do with the fear factor..........I reckon we are gonna cough and splutter our way to the finish line with one or 2 more wins maybe.
    I'm looking forward to the real Ramos revolution when he can mould the squad he wants....then we'll see eh?

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    • think the press speculation doesn't help matters.

      how can you motivate someone that reads in the craploids that he's excess to requirements and being packed off at the end of the season, wether it's true or not.

      hit & miss for me till the end of the season i think, then as essex says, wait for next season and the real ramos revolutíon. ;-)