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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Apr 9, 2008 04:39 Flag

    Don't You Just Love - part II

    When the Gooners go crashing out of cup competitions...Oh Happy days...the scousers are trying to do a Tottenham on them. Guess those guys are suffering from second leg away syndrome...yuk yuk yuk!!!


    So, what's next for them... the Prem Championship....NOT!!!!

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    • Tis the season to be jolly, no its not xmas but we have something new and shiny to gloat about and they have diddley.

      I hear ya Roy but maybe the rivalry between you and say Birmingham is not so fierce. Maybe you can enlighten me ;)

    • What? Now we can't have a bit of banter on our own message board? Remember gooners this is the Spurs message board, not the Ar5ena1 message board (or the Wet Spam message board). dear oh lor...we get 'em in 'ere don't we.

      I'd be pissed off to gooners, but remember, its better to be pissed off, than pissed on!...so piss off!!

    • hit the nail on the head about PSV, Berlin... only they needed pens to knock out Spurs but did the gooners outright.

      so Ar5ena1 finished above us in the league last season & qualified for CL... but what has it actually given them...let's see:

      got to the 1/4 finals of CL but so did Schalke and Fenerbahce... draw your own conclusions

      FA cup & CC: failed miserably

      the premiership: fading fast after a good start & will prob finish 3rd so just CL qualification again.

      so as far as i can tell Spurs fans have nothing to be envious of.. the only thing finishing in the top 4 has brought Ar5ena1 is a bit more cash. i'd rather have the silverware

    • The only swimming pool you've been swimming in is the gene pool Roy. The shallow end of course;)

      Nigel, how can u call it the milk cup. We know youve come out of prison recently but you must learn recent events otherwise you get caught out. Try learning this from your free kipper book thats being advertised on the radio at the moment

      couldavbinacontender was Roy. You should know that. He is a Villa fan. DOH!

    • Nige and Kipper...thanks for the aknowledgements.
      Your debates with Alfie are none of my business and I know Alfie is a big boy so can look after himself there.
      I also have no problems with you slagging off Spurs. hey your opposng fans right...thats what we do innit. Your comments are always welcome by me.
      On the football matter while i wont go as far as to say we are better than Ar5ena1(im not a mental) I will gloat over their downfall at every opportunity.....as Alfie says...weve had to swallow it for so many years we are bound to jump at the chance to dish some out for a change.......and weve been blessed this season in particular!
      Cheers EY

    • Nope not the 50m Alfie....My local pool isn't open till this afternoon due to swim lessons.

      I'll chuck in my normal mile later. Then i guess that will make 2 of us who are wet behind the ears...although me,only temporaraly.

      Arf arf!

    • Gotta get back to work...Sorry, can't play anymore today.


    • hehehe, yes you know who you are, along with seaniceman1001 Essay Boy II

      I'll call you Eassy Boy Mark II as you appear always to follow your leader Roy

    • Noted Essex...in respect for yourself and your request only. I shall try to redirect my posts back to football banter, conversation and general piss taking again, i'll let little Alfy multi ID away without further comment. Unles of course I feel our mutual friend requires a reply.



    • Wot planet are you on Alfy? Alfy Stoakes who?? what are you on about?

      Imagination is rife in Englefield then..??

      I still have the link that proves everything I said about you ma moite...Mr Fake...it only the kindness of ny heart that stops me humiliating you again and again.. # Remember...a problem shared is a problem halved.......ha ha ha ..oh dear...sorry to remind you again.

      Oh yes kovansdad1664...zip it sonny theres a good little lad...or shall I post the link again?? thats advice, nothing else. Don't try to get me deleted now ha ha.

      A friend very close to your heart dropped by to say hello on the Villa board last week...Know him Alfy ??
      er couldavbinacontender??, Mate of yours alfycouldavbinacontender??......saw through you straight away again.!! Take note....must try harder in the bakery !! You have now done what others have failed to do in the past...I have now lost count of the amount of fake ID's I can PROVE you use....Well done.!! Shows that those with learning problems can do well sometimes. Very well done!!

      However, my post earlier was meant in jest, and it appears you are still bitter that I ME...exposed you. Now that my boy is tough....remember...proof my boy. that is what counts in this society, even in the paranoid Englefield area. So be it.

      Keep praising your little club for winning the Milk cup, that the big boys only put out their youth team out to play for.
      Cheers !

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